IEOM Society International

    IEOM Society International


    The main purpose of the IEOM AIUB Student Chapter (SC) is to globally foster critical thinking and its effective utilization in the field of Industrial Engineering (IE) and Operations Management (OM), by providing means to communicate and network among diversified peoples. It focuses on professional and leadership development of the members, along with the promotion of the IEOM’s global activities to overcome the challenges as well as utilize the opportunities of the 5th industrial revolution.


    IEOM AIUB SC arranges informative seminars and workshops focusing on technology management, which will help to create the platform to deliberate on existing challenges and determine resolutions for the future. IEOM AIUB SC undertakes various initiatives to establish collaboration between academia and industry, as well as planning and organizing industrial trainings and tours to enrich the knowledge of members on latest technologies relevant to their fields of study.


    Membership of IEOM AIUB SC is open to students from Faculty of Engineering (FE) and Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) of the university. Recruitments are conducted during the semesters, through which applicants are evaluated, interviewed, and selected to join the club.


    IEOM AIUB SC will be operated under the supervision of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), following the general structure for the Executive Committee (EC). OSA provides overall guidance and constant support to the EC for implementing the various events of the club.

    Future Outlook:

    IEOM AIUB SC plans to work on making an open platform for the students of Faculty of Engineering (FE) and Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) across Bangladesh and abroad, where they can have the opportunity to implement their ideas and explore their talents, while building a strong community network.