IEEE-AIUB Student Branch

    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) - AIUB Student Branch


    Since its inception in 2006, the primary aim and objectives of IEEE are centered on fostering knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the establishment of standards within the worldwide technical community. Operating as an official IEEE Student Branch, the mission of the IEEE AIUB Student Branch (SB) is to extend STEM initiatives across the nation and beyond. This is accomplished through engaging educational and technical events, as well as networking opportunities. Additionally, the branch strives to leverage technology to address

    humanitarian challenges and further its applications and promote the international scientific community of IEEE.


    The IEEE AIUB SB is committed to the advancement in technology, spreading knowledge, and engaging with the community through a broad range of activities. The branch provides its members with the opportunity to stay up to date on cutting-edge research and trends in different fields of engineering, electronics, and computer science through a variety of workshops, seminars, and technical sessions. These exercises not only broaden their learning but also enable them to come up with innovative solutions for real-world issues. Additionally, the branch reaches out to the broader community through activities that promote the use of technology for humanitarian objectives. Furthermore, the branch encourages networking and collaboration among students, professionals, and researchers, building a community based on shared wisdom and collaborative efforts. Because of their exceptional performance, reach, and impact, the IEEE AIUB SB has been one of the largest and most successful student branches since its inception in Bangladesh and has been awarded the ‘IEEE Regional Exemplary Student Branch Award’ consecutively four times in the entire Asia-Pacific Region also known as Region 10.

    Membership of IEEE AIUB SB is open to students from the Faculty of Engineering (FE) and the Faculty of Science & Technology (FST), who have a keen interest in expanding and exchanging their knowledge of engineering, technology, and digital development. Recruitments are conducted annually, through which applicants are evaluated, interviewed, and selected to join the club. Currently, there are 155 proactive members and 38 volunteers and executive committee members working at IEEE AIUB SB.




    IEEE AIUB Student Branch operates under the supervision of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), following the general structure for the Executive Committee (EC). OSA provides overall guidance and constant support to the EC for implementing the various events of the club.

    Future Outlook:

    IEEE AIUB SB believes that the synergy created through cooperation and partnership outweighs the merits of any personal accomplishment. Building on a solid foundation of collaboration, technological growth, and a beneficial effect on society, the branch will continue to make an even greater impact. The objective is to keep connecting professionals, learners, and researchers, delivering a vibrant environment for sharing ideas and knowledge. The IEEE AIUB SB hopes to keep on top of addressing real-world challenges with novel technological solutions, aiming for a future of excellence, progress, and positive change to the community.