With the increasing changes of global warming, since its inception in 2023, the AIUB Environment Club (AEC) works towards protecting and preserving the environment for future generations, creating a world where humans live in harmony with nature. AEC aims to spread awareness about climate change to all the students, offering students the opportunity to serve their community and expand their skills in the process.

     The club engages in initiatives through a nationwide network of various institutions working towards preserving and protecting the environment. Ranging from rallies to seminars and tree plantation campaigns, AEC focuses on educating the general student community, along with the general society, on crucial environmental issues, their impact on our lives, and how to resolve them in the long run. The club focuses on promoting awareness about environmental degradation including plastic production, excessive use of plastic made items, water and air pollution, deforestation, recycling and erosion in all the regions of Bangladesh.

    Membership of AEC is open to students from all 4 Faculties of the university, who are interested in working for the protection and preservation of the environment. Recruitments are conducted during the semesters, through which applicants are evaluated, interviewed, and selected to join the club. Currently, there are 100 proactive members working at AEC.


    AEC operates under the supervision of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), following the general structure for the Executive Committee (EC). OSA provides overall guidance and constant support to the EC for implementing the various events of the club.

    Future Outlook:

    AEC will continue addressing the challenges of climate change and spreading awareness, along with taking initiatives to collaborate with various organizations in order to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the industries and traffic congestion, protect endangered species of plants, wildlife, and habitats, and of course, promote sustainable development of the environment around us for the years to come.