Established in 2009, the purpose of the AIUB Film Club (AFC) is to provide a forum for students to discuss and learn about filmmaking. Their aim is to promote culture through the camera, sharing the creative talent of bringing stories to life through a network of people passionate about learning and engaging in the art of filmmaking.

     AFC primarily works on creating short films covering various social issues, cultural aspects, and student life, while arranging film shows to as a form of recreational activity for the student community and to expose them to a broad spectrum of movies, ranging from Bengali, English, and even Korean. The club also conducts workshops for their members to better train them in the process of filmmaking, as directors, script writers, cinematographers, set designers, production managers, editors, actors, etc. AFC both organizes and participates in a number of different film festivals, competing in short films, where they have made several achievements with original stories, along with a number of different launch events and activations for the premier or screening of noteworthy releases of Bangladeshi cinema.

    Membership of AFC is open to students from all 4 Faculties of the university, who are interested in the art of filmmaking. Recruitments are conducted during the semesters, through which applicants are evaluated, interviewed, and selected to join the club. Currently, there are 80 proactive members working at AFC.


    AFC operates under the supervision of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), following the general structure for the Executive Committee (EC). OSA provides overall guidance and constant support to the EC for implementing the various events of the club.

    Future Outlook:

    With an aim to increase students’ appreciation of filmmaking as an art form, AFC will continue to provide opportunities for students to learn, analyze, and create films, as well as collaborating with various organizations of the film industry in Bangladesh to present and promote culture, through life stories in frames.