ACC commenced in 2012 with the idea of creating a platform for students to spread out the light of technology, building skills in various sectors including Content Writing, Photojournalism, Video Editing, Event Organizing, Volunteering, Development, UI/UX Design, and Graphic Design, connect with a community of members, alumni, and faculties in order to learn about the demanding skills of the current and future professional domain, and organize programs that train and test their aptitudes in the field of computer science.

     ACC is an infusion of a diverse set of interests existing within the students of science and IT, enhancing the educational learning with value-added trainings, workshops, and seminars for the members. Their events entail numerous activities like programming contests, gaming tournaments, idea/concept presentations, mobile, web, & desktop app showcases, and networking contests, collaborating with established brands of the tech industry like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, etc. ACC engages in several flagship events like the Computer Science Festival, Cyber-Gaming Fest, Jarvis, etc., besides their regular seminars and workshops. Keeping attuned with the industry trends, ACC collaborates with various organizations like Mozilla Bangladesh, Microsoft Student Partner, BASIS Student Forum.

    ACC is considered as a departmental club for the Faculty of Engineering (FE), but students from the Faculty of Science & Technology (FST) are also encouraged to apply for the membership. Recruitments are conducted during the semesters, through which applicants are evaluated, interviewed, and selected to join the club. Currently, there are 130 proactive members working at ACC.


    ACC operates under the supervision of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), following the general structure for the Executive Committee (EC). Together in coordination with FST, OSA provides overall guidance and constant support to the EC for implementing the various events of the club.

    Future Outlook:

    ACC focuses on the development of students, committed to introducing them to the ever-changing information and technology world of today.  They are working with a vision to create leaders in the emerging technology sector, preparing them for the as the future pioneering trailblazers of the future.