16th Convocation

    Date : February 11, 2016
    Venue : AIUB’S own land, 2 Embankment Drive Road, Sector – 10, Uttara, Dhaka
    Speaker : Her Excellency Ms. Hanne Fugl Eskjǽr, Embassy of Denmark, Dhaka
    Chief Guest : Nurul Islam Nahid, M.P, Minister, Ministry of Education
    Special Guest : Prof. Abdul Mannan, Chairman, UGC
    Number of Graduates
    Total Number Graduates : 2517
    Undergraduate Program : 1799
    Graduate Program : 718
    Chancellor Award : 03
    Vice Chancellor Award : 15
    Chairman’s Award : 10
    Academic Award
    Summa Cum Laude : 63
    Magna Cum Laude : 66
    Cum Laude : 46

    The 16th Convocation Ceremony of the American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) held on today (Thursday), 11th February 2016 at 10:00 am AIUB’s own Plot No. 2, Embankment Drive Road, Sector-10, Uttara, Dhaka. Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid, M.P the Honorable Minister, Ministry of Education, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to preside over the ceremony and confered the Degrees to the graduating students as kindly authorized by the Hon’ble President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh & Chancellor of the Universities. The Chairman of University Grants Commission of Bangladesh Prof. Abdul Mannan was the Special Guest. Her Excellency Ambassador of Royal Danish Embassy in Bangladesh Ms. Hanne Fugl Eskjær was the Convocation speaker.

    The Chairman of the AIUB Trustee Board, Mr. Ishtiaque Abedin and the Vice Chancellor of AIUB Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna also spoken on the occasion. A total number of 2517 graduates were conferred degrees for successfully completion of all the academic requirements in various disciplines of the Bachelors and Masters Degree Programs of the University.

    Congratulating the Graduating students, the Hon’ble Education Minister Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid, MP said, “National development specially depend on education and research. To ensure this development we need to spread our education program towards all corner of the country. He emphasized that Priority should be given to science and Information Technology, Engineering and technical education to fulfill the commitment of present Govt. to build digital  Bangladesh. Accordingly curriculum should be up-dated and designed so that students can earned practical knowledge. He is happy that AIUB is playing a vital role in this respect. All other University should also follow the same and create such manpower who can contribute to the socio economic development of the Country keeping on our cultural sprit. To maintain the Administrative, Academic and financial; system in the Private University, properly, he urged all authority to obey the newly promulgated Act-2010 for the Private University. He also highlighted the increase of students enrolment in the higher education particularly in the Private University and focused on present Govt. policy.

    The Hon’ble Minister also stressed on quality higher education in our University. Without this Bangladesh won’t be able to face the competitive market of the world. The only way to save the densely populated country by trained manpower in accordance with global demand and make them ready for exporting. He also advised the graduating students to remember that they are not only citizen of Bangladesh but also of the world. He categorically mentioned about the remittance by the Bangladeshi workers from outside the country and opined that if we can export educated, skilled and trained personnel it would be double.

    The Education Minister advised the students that knowledge and skill earned by them should be used for their own development and try to contribute to the national development and the society. He also hoped that the graduates will always maintain leadership quality with a view to focus their University and the Country at the International arena. He categorically mentioned that the Govt. does not differentiate the students of public and private universities. Finally he expects that AIUB will complete their construction works of permanent campus and arrange shifting in time as the Govt. has given only one year time extension for shifting to permanent Cmapus.

    The Special Guest Prof. Abdul Mannan congratulated the new graduates. In his speech, the Chairman of the UGC emphasized a great need to improve quality of higher education. He said there has been a significant quantitative growth in the number of University as well as of University students but it was observed that most of these universities are focused on offering only a few purely market oriented subjects, disregarding the real purpose of university education which is to groom a nation’s talented youth into enlightened future leaders. This is possible only when a university is somewhat broad-based and at the same time attentive to priorities the national needs addressing poverty, inequality, food shortage, health, education, environment, natural disasters, social harmony, national image, and good governance, among other issues. He is aware that AIUB is a research friendly university but it needs to continuously develop its research capability and involve students in research activities.

    He also mentioned that there has to be adequate transparency, accountability and responsiveness in the affairs of a university. It is also expected to be truly non-profit according to the Private University Act-2010. It is also expected to be socially relevant and not exploitative through high student tuition and low faculty compensation. The government has invested substantial amount of resources to improve the quality of higher education in collaboration with development partners and Donors.  Finally he congratulated the graduating students and confident that the University has prepared them well of accept the challenges they are going to face in their future life.

    The Convocation speaker Her Excellency Ms. Hanne Fugl Eskjær congratulated the new graduates for their remarkable achievement and said “Use your knowledge to dream big and have high ambitions. Know that your education is an asset that can get you far. Just remember to not only have ambitions on your own behalf, but also for the society and the people around you”. Many rural areas in Bangladesh and around the world, education is not given for everybody – It is a valuable asset. Not like a computer or a car you replace every once in a while – but an asset that will be yours forever – without decrease in value. An asset you are so privileged to have obtained. You and your families have invested time and money to get a high level education. Now it is up to you to cherish that asset and use it for the benefit of your families and society surrounding them. Education is not only an asset. You also have a responsibility to use it.  Education and new knowledge are important elements to ensure growth and sustainable development. With your skills and knowledge you can make a difference and contribute not only to your own future, but also to the future of generations to come. They and Bangladesh depend on you, and I’m sure you can carry this task – Especially with a diploma from AIUB.

    A new generation like yours brings new energy and openness to change. On your graduation I would like to share some of my advice with you. Hold on to this drive and eagerness to learn. See possible obstacles as a challenge and a change to learn. Use your knowledge to dream big and have high ambitions. Know that the asset that is your education can get you far. Just remember to not only have ambitions on your own behalf, but also for the society and the country around you. Go out and make a change. Maybe some of you will be part of projects like the ones in Barisal and Mymensingh, giving kids and young people the possibility and the gift of education.

    The Vice Chancellor of AIUB Dr. Caremen Z. Lamagna urged the students to follow their dreams whether; “good or bad – and turn every dream into solutions, cures and new knowledge”. Know that wherever in the world your fate take you, you will forever remain a part of us, and we of you. She said AIUB prepared them for the difficult times as well as success. We applaud their achievements and wish them well in their future career. Also look forward to enjoy their contribution they will make to this remarkable community from which they sprung and which is now ready to make use of their talents.

    Mr. Ishtiaque Abedin in his welcome speech congratulated the graduates for their remarkable achievement. He hoped that the fresh graduates have been endowed with sufficient knowledge and skill to venture out into the world and confidently face any challenge that our society and the world face today. He inspired the students with advising to be an entrepreneur for which three things are needed such as ability to lead, inspires and creates.

    The Founder & Vice Presidents of AIUB Dr. Hasanul A. Hasan (Treasurer), Ms. Nadia Anwar along with the Members of the Board of Trustees Mrs. Sabrina Abedin, Dr. Abdus Samad Alim Registrar, Vice Chancellors of other Universities, UGC Officials, AIUB Faculty members, parents and guardians, Syndicate and Academic Council members, Deans and officers graced the Ceremony. Along with the graduating students and their families a large number of local and foreign dignitaries and members of the print and electronic media also attended the convocation Ceremony.