12th Convocation

    Date : February 02, 2012, Thursday
    Venue : Bangladesh Army Stadium
    Speaker : His Excellency Mr. Svend Olling, Ambassador, Danish Embassy
    Special Guest : Nurul Islam Nahid, M.P, Minister, Ministry of Education
    Number of Graduates
    Total Number Graduates : 2173
    Undergraduate Program : 1530
    Graduate Program : 643
    Chancellor Award : 03
    Vice Chancellor Award : 14
    Chairman’s Award : 12
    Academic Award
    Summa Cum Laude : 61
    Magna Cum Laude : 109
    Cum Laude : 65

    The 12th Convocation of the American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB) was held on Thursday, the 2nd February, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. at the Bangladesh Army Stadium.  The Honorable President of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and the Chancellor of AIUB Mr. Md. Zillur Rahman has kindly given consent to Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid the Honorable Minister, Ministry of Education for the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to preside over the ceremony and confer the Degrees to the graduates. His Excellency Mr. Svend Olling, Honorable Ambassador of the Royal Danish Embassy in Bangladesh was present as the Convocation speaker.

    The Chairman of AIUB Trustee Board Dr. Anwarul Abedin and the Vice Chancellor of AIUB Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna also spoke on the occasion. On this occasion a total number of 2173 graduates were conferred degrees for successfully completion all the academic requirements in various disciplines of the Bachelor and Masters Degree Programs of the University.

    The Honorable Education Minister Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid M.P in his speech stressed on the quality of higher education in the country so that Bangladesh can face the global competition. He appreciated the role of AIUB for maintaining collaboration and exchange progamme with various institutions and organizations of the world. He also hoped that University will try to develop linkages with the Industries and Business organizations and produce graduates according to their needs. It is the only way to progress and contribute towards the socio economic development of the country.

    Congratulating the graduating students for their achievement, the Education Minister advised that knowledge and skill earned by them should be used for their own development and try to contribute to the national development and the society. He also hoped that the graduates will always maintain leadership quality with a view to focus their University and the Country at the International arena. Finally he thanked the AIUB authority for taking step to build their permanent campus at Kuril, Bashindhara.

    The Convocation speaker His Excellency Mr. Svend Olling, Honorable Ambassador of the Royal Danish Embassy congratulated the new graduates for their remarkable achievement and to AIUB for reaching the milestone of the 12th Convocation. He hoped that the fresh graduates would continue to contribute towards society and nation building empowered by the education imparted during then stay in AIUB. He categorically highlighted their agreement with AIUB to develop IT based education He also mentioned that Denmark is always assisting Bangladesh and will continue to do so in the near future also.

    The Vice Chancellor of AIUB urged the students to follow their dreams whether; “good or bad – and turn every dream into solutions, cures and new knowledge”. Know that wherever in the world your fate take you, you will forever remain a part of us, and we of you. Education given by AIUB the reasons to rain and roam across all your ambitions and dream. She concluded her speech with a message for the AIUB graduates to have the values of “Creativity, Critical thinking” and play a vital role to serve the nation and the society.

    The Chairman of AIUB Dr. Anwarul Abdein in his speech congratulated the graduates for their remarkable achievement. As the Founding chairman he hoped that the fresh graduates have been endowed with sufficient knowledge and skill to venture out into the world and confidently face any challenge that our society and the world face today.

    The Founder & Vice Presidents of AIUB Dr. Hasanul A. Hasan(Treasurer), Mr. Ishtiaque Abedin, Ms. Nadia Anwar along with the Vice President (Academics) Prof. Tafazzal Hossain, Registrar, Vice Chancellors of other Universities, AIUB Faculty members, parents and guardians, Academic Council members, Syndicate members, Deans and officers graced the Ceremony. Along with the graduating students and their families a large number of local and foreign dignitaries and members of the print and electronic media also attended the 12th Convocation Ceremony of AIUB.